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Trell Blaze (トレル・ブレイズ)

K-ci & Jojo(ケイシー&ジョジョ)の再来と呼ばれ、日本でも大ヒットした
R&Bデュオ「Coop Deville」。その問答無用の質の高さであっという間に

K-ci & Jojo(ケイシー&ジョジョ)に次ぐR&Bデュオという肩書きは紛れも
ない事実。そんな「Coop Deville」の弟がソロ・デビューしてました!!

「Coop Deville」の弟 ~ Trell Blaze (トレル・ブレイズ)は、

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Authentic, emotionally driven Rhythm & Blues (R&B) with a traditional feel and modern touch.

More than just an artist. A pure musically emotional being who’s motivation is to carry his listeners through an emotional journey through songwriting, musical composition, singing, production. He is one of the members of R&B Duo, Coop DeVille (with his older brother, Damon “D. Coop” Cooper), who has released two successful albums with distributors and record labels outside of the country such as Disc Union Tokyo, Toys Factory Japan, and Sony Music Japan. They sold many of copies of Truth, Lies, & Relations, their debut album, and Showroom Floor, the follow up.

Trell Blaze is now a completely self-reliant all-in-one musician. Truth be told, he is not the only person in the world who can wear multiple hats in the music industry. What makes him unique is his ability to do them ALL on a special level.

People have been longing for the days when they could FEEL music as well as listen to it. There was once a time that R&B stood for Rhythm & Blues. There was almost a spiritual connection between the artist and the fan. This connection is what Trell Blaze gives back to the world of music.