K-Waster, Dezmond Meeks (ケイ・ウェスター、デズモンド・ミークス)

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K-Waster, Dezmond Meeks

K-Waster, Dezmond Meeks (ケイ・ウェスター、デズモンド・ミークス)
レーベル http://sound2kill4.com

Sound2kill4 レコーズが送り込んできたハウスミュージック。

生粋のオランダ人DJ,K-Waster (ケイ・ウェスター) と
決勝戦出場者 Dezmond Meeks (デズモンド・ミークス)との

(尚、作曲、プロデュースはアメリカ人の Chris Willis)


K-Waster, Dezmond Meeks
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/K_Waster
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/K-Waster/420528784630026

Dezmond Meeks
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/Dezmondmeeks
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DezmondMeeksFans

Upcomming Dutch Dj K-Waster from Landgraaf, Netherlands
Comes with a suprising new progressive house track called The Way I Like It. Pre-release on Beatport Juli 26Th / All shops August 9Th. This coloberation with Idols USA Vocal finalist Dezmond Meeks is written and produced by Chris Willis ( well known from the David Guetta songs “Gettin over You” ,”Everytime We Touch” and “Tomorrow can Wait”. The composition One Day composed by Roger Pierwijer A.k.A K-Waster born in Landgraaf the netherlands and a true mainstream progressive house maker was the inspiration to this track. The original composition was the first track from K-Waster who was discoverd in 2012 by Benny Brown jr. Owner and talentscout at the small Dutch Dance-label Sound2kill4 Records Netherlands